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Adamant removes webpage distractions so you can focus on what’s important.
Block banner ads, popovers, and invisible tracking scripts that not only undermine your privacy by following you around online, but also cause unwanted distractions.

  • Browse. Faster. Waiting on webpages to load is not fun, and pages full of ads not only make this wait longer, but also utilize more of your valuable data plan, which costs you money on your monthly cell plan.
  • Better Battery. Fast load times mean better battery life for your mobile devices. Preserve your battery life by blocking JavaScript ad and tracker code execution that distracts and undermines your privacy.
  • OTA Updating. Don’t wait for Adamant app updates to get the latest blocking definitions. We’ll let you automatically update the app over the air to ensure it’s blocking definitions are always keeping protected while browsing online (requires one-time in app purchase).
  • Block Trackers. Don't like being followed around the web? We don't either. That's why we made sure Adamant will let you do this as well.
  • Report Issues. Adamant lets you easily report issues that you might experience with the content blocker enabled. Simply fill out the form in the app, and we'll fix the issue!


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Common questions about what content blocking is and how it can help your browsing experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions about what content blocking is and how it can help your browsing experience.

Content Blockers in Safari was introduced in iOS 9 and allows users to easily enable apps that will disable certain content elements on web pages whenever the web page request is initiated. Long story short: It saves you time loading the page, saves your device battery because Safari isn't processing the JavaScripts used with trackers and ads, and of course, helps with the visual clutter as you surf the web.

Adamant charges a one-time fee ($1.99 USD) for the initial purchase of the app, and we do not charge subscription fees for the ad blocking updates. We provide updates frequently to our users. Lastly, we never take bribes from ad companies to unblock ads or allow blockers to track your activity. Choose a better ad blocking experience: Choose Adamant.

iOS 9 includes an easy way to disable content blockers on a webpage should you run into webpage rendering issues in Safari or third-party apps that use Safari web views. While on the page you want to refresh without content blocking enabled, simply tap and hold on the Refresh button in the address field, and select "Reload Without Content Blockers."

Yes! Adamant is available for free on OS X from the Apple Safari Extension Gallery. It will automatically update to the latest version of Adamant available whenever new updates are pushed out to users.

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